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When I was in Afghanistan as a USMC officer, one interpreter repeatedly saved my life. He is now a Deputy in Sarasota, Florida and the remainder of his family fled the Taliban just as the country was collapsing in August 2021. Deputy Mubarak's extended family has been resettled here in the USA but now face the additional hurdle of housing.


Currently at an army base in Texas, I plan to help secure an apartment complex for the entire 33 member family, which is mostly the children of Deputy Mubarak's 5 brothers and sisters. They are being moved as of October 12, 2021 and housing needs to be secured by October 31, 2021.

Please follow me and donate as I ruck (a military hike with a pack) from my home (just outside Omaha, Nebraska) to my family's hometown (Hartington, Nebraska). Coincidentally this is the same 145 miles the family had to travel to escape the regime. While it will be difficult, it pales in comparison to what this family has experienced just to get here safely and get here together.

Deputy Mubarak gave so much and risked his life and his family's life to assist US Special Forces in a fight against the Taliban. Please join me in honoring his service to our country by helping his family. Your donation will directly assist this family, immediately. I hope to raise money that will allow them to get started as a family in Bradenton, Florida.


It is my honor and my passion to help the family of the man who saved my life. This would mean they are able to stay together, assist each other, and be near Deputy Mubarak who is working with the local police force who are also donating their time and personal houses for this family.

Let's please step up for this patriot and leave no refugee behind. Thank you.

"There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."

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